It is Well


The past several years have been a stream of difficulties. I’m not exaggerating, nor am I sympathy seeking. It wasn’t until yesterday while I was listening to the sermon at church that God did a bit of a flashback showing me it all.  Not so I’d feel sorry for myself.  But because I can be […]

Do I Believe God is in Control?


A God big enough to make this world and keep it going  is big enough to help me with my problems today. Isn’t He? Do I believe that? Do I really believe He will help me? How “in control” is God? No matter what I know, what I actually believe is reflected in my peace. “I […]

Plans and Thoughts; His and Mine

we plan god laughs magnet

Quite often things don’t go as I would like or as I plan. Years ago, a friend gave me a fridge magnet she said was perfect for me, “We plan; God laughs!”  To be completely honest, the comment along with the magnet kinda ticked me off.  And while I get the humor behind it now, […]

Do I Trust God to Help Me Get the Choices Right?

trust choices 2

When I’m feeling down, it’s a lowness I can’t always easily rise out of. I used to feel such guilt over that. Like I was failing God some how, some way, because I couldn’t seem to pull myself up by the boot straps quickly enough. Or because I found myself in that low place—again—to begin with. […]

When I Think Doubt, I Speak Doubt, I Live Doubt!


One of my biggest struggles is unbelief!  I believe in my head God can, but my reaction proves I think He won’t.  In some areas I don’t fully trust God to always come through for me. “Lean not on your own understanding” and “Walk by faith, not by sight” are becoming real lifelines to my emotions.  They are reminders of Who […]

God is Thoroughly Good

girl & sunset

We got some shocking news the other day.  The kind that changes your life big, in a split second, and in ways you cannot control. The knock-you-over and lay-you-flat kind! I am learning more and more, day by day, that my fulfillment does not [and cannot] come from things of this world—even relationships. Things change. […]

When it’s Time For Them to Fly

Me and my Jesse on his 21st birthday

The Last Supper is tonight. The littlest ones’ heart breaking. Birdie #2 prepares to fly and the ember burns hot in the back of my throat. My mama heart aches for more. More time, more snuggles, more laughter, more of everything good to crowd out anything not. Today, more than others, I understand Ann’s words. […]

Good is Still Good Even When it Doesn’t Currently Look Good

Image credit: daretobelieve

“Had you been a spectator during only the first three days of creation, you might not have judged it as good. What good are seed-bearing plants with no sun for photosynthesis? In His wisdom God knew the work was good because He knew what was coming next. He knows what’s coming next for you. That’s […]