You are Needed and Necessary Today!


Your life is like no other! Your perspective is like no other. Your words are like no other. You can reach those no other can—today! To plant To fertilize To water To weed To harvest Today! No one can touch the hearts God sends your way to love on. No one can impart truth specifically […]

The God of Different


Guess what?  God wants—He needs—different.    Sometimes…I gaze too long at other families.  Through my limited scope I see a different way of doing things and wonder—is their difference better?   God needs my family right where we are at and yours right where you are.  He wants us coming to Him…dependent upon Him for every thing—every […]

When it’s Time For Them to Fly

Me and my Jesse on his 21st birthday

The Last Supper is tonight. The littlest ones’ heart breaking. Birdie #2 prepares to fly and the ember burns hot in the back of my throat. My mama heart aches for more. More time, more snuggles, more laughter, more of everything good to crowd out anything not. Today, more than others, I understand Ann’s words. […]

Welcome to Fixing My Eyes


Just like you, I have a story.  Parts of it I like.  I mean, really like!  Other parts—not so much.  And for years, there were parts of my story I wish I could rewrite.  But again, like you, all those parts of our different stories are what makes us who we are.  Change one thing—and […]