Affirming Truth vs. Positive Thinking

cala lily

“What I am doing you do not understand now, but you will understand later.” John 13:7 I speak these words today not to convince myself all will work out fine or to look on some “bright” side. This is not me hugging myself while saying over and over again . . . — “Jesus loves […]

You are Needed and Necessary Today!


Your life is like no other! Your perspective is like no other. Your words are like no other. You can reach those no other can—today! To plant To fertilize To water To weed To harvest Today! No one can touch the hearts God sends your way to love on. No one can impart truth specifically […]

Jesus Loves Me! Yeah, but …

Measure of God's Love

Jesus loves me. You may tell yourself that. “Jesus loves me, this I know” But does your “know” press deep down? Does your soul believe the “know”? Perception of our story, choices, and current life situation skew the truth because we naturally see through eyes of flesh, which are tainted not only by experience but […]

Fully Known; Fully Loved

Girl Running

I am fully known. I am fully loved! There is stuff about me I’d just as soon stay hidden from you!  In fact, for years I’ve worked quite diligently at keeping the uglies under wraps. So . . . to be fully known—and in that complete known-ness, to remain fully loved!?!! Seriously?! How can that […]

When it’s Time For Them to Fly

Me and my Jesse on his 21st birthday

The Last Supper is tonight. The littlest ones’ heart breaking. Birdie #2 prepares to fly and the ember burns hot in the back of my throat. My mama heart aches for more. More time, more snuggles, more laughter, more of everything good to crowd out anything not. Today, more than others, I understand Ann’s words. […]