A Constant Flow of Joy


“Always be joyful” 1 Thes. 5:16 How? I’m serious!  How are we supposed to ALWAYS be joyful?  To rejoice in and over ALL things?  That isn’t even realistic—is it? What if we began seeing things through God’s eyes? What if we made His view our habit?   Join me over at W2Wministries.org for the remainder of this article […]

The Fight For Joy


My broken yesterday bleeds into my today. Hemorrhages, really. Heat pump stopped pumping in the +90° heat. I know that won’t be a cheap fix.  Car won’t start at the kids’ college campus parking lot.  I’m the one with the AAA card, so I’m the one that had to wait for the tow truck driver. […]

Humility is a Greater Grace


“But He gives a greater grace.  Therefore it says, ‘God is opposed to the proud but gives grace to the humble.’”  James 4:6 Most Christians could regularly quote the second half of that verse, but How many of us could say we are humble? Someone who is humble is modest—showing an awareness of one’s own shortcomings. […]

What in the World Does that Mean?

Open Bible

Ever read a section of scripture you just. don’t. get?!? And those times when 2 different people get 2 different meanings out of the very same text?? This morning, I’m learning to be okay with not every question having a distinct and easy to understand answer. I want to study and focus on Jesus–not the […]