Affirming Truth vs. Positive Thinking

cala lily

“What I am doing you do not understand now, but you will understand later.” John 13:7 I speak these words today not to convince myself all will work out fine or to look on some “bright” side. This is not me hugging myself while saying over and over again . . . — “Jesus loves […]

Do I Trust God to Help Me Get the Choices Right?

trust choices 2

When I’m feeling down, it’s a lowness I can’t always easily rise out of. I used to feel such guilt over that. Like I was failing God some how, some way, because I couldn’t seem to pull myself up by the boot straps quickly enough. Or because I found myself in that low place—again—to begin with. […]

Note to Self . . .

Boardwalk & Sky

That perspective of yours, remember, is very small and not unbiased. Your enemy uses it against you. He twists the lens you see through to obscure—causing the doubt, the fear, the mistrust in God. Satan knows your weak places. He knows what hurts you and sends you spiraling the deepest and quickest. It seems others […]