There is purpose for you…and for me.  There is Divine reason behind our existence.  Not only is there a plan for our lives—but destiny! Before His breath breathed substance, before His words shaped stars—The Lord chose you to be His most treasured possession. “For it pleased God in His kindness to choose me and call me,even […]



While having my quiet time this morning, I was asking God all kinds of questions.  Some I felt some definite response…others…not so much. What I enjoyed most of all, was just feeling snuggled up against His heart while I snuggled under a warm blanket in the quiet house.  Undisturbed by any other noise than the dog’s snoring. […]

Do I Believe God is in Control?


A God big enough to make this world and keep it going  is big enough to help me with my problems today. Isn’t He? Do I believe that? Do I really believe He will help me? How “in control” is God? No matter what I know, what I actually believe is reflected in my peace. “I […]

When I Think Doubt, I Speak Doubt, I Live Doubt!


One of my biggest struggles is unbelief!  I believe in my head God can, but my reaction proves I think He won’t.  In some areas I don’t fully trust God to always come through for me. “Lean not on your own understanding” and “Walk by faith, not by sight” are becoming real lifelines to my emotions.  They are reminders of Who […]

Jesus Loves Me! Yeah, but …

Measure of God's Love

Jesus loves me. You may tell yourself that. “Jesus loves me, this I know” But does your “know” press deep down? Does your soul believe the “know”? Perception of our story, choices, and current life situation skew the truth because we naturally see through eyes of flesh, which are tainted not only by experience but […]

Welcome to Fixing My Eyes


Just like you, I have a story.  Parts of it I like.  I mean, really like!  Other parts—not so much.  And for years, there were parts of my story I wish I could rewrite.  But again, like you, all those parts of our different stories are what makes us who we are.  Change one thing—and […]