You are Needed and Necessary Today!


Your life is like no other! Your perspective is like no other. Your words are like no other. You can reach those no other can—today! To plant To fertilize To water To weed To harvest Today! No one can touch the hearts God sends your way to love on. No one can impart truth specifically […]

It is Well


The past several years have been a stream of difficulties. I’m not exaggerating, nor am I sympathy seeking. It wasn’t until yesterday while I was listening to the sermon at church that God did a bit of a flashback showing me it all.  Not so I’d feel sorry for myself.  But because I can be […]

Plans and Thoughts; His and Mine

we plan god laughs magnet

Quite often things don’t go as I would like or as I plan. Years ago, a friend gave me a fridge magnet she said was perfect for me, “We plan; God laughs!”  To be completely honest, the comment along with the magnet kinda ticked me off.  And while I get the humor behind it now, […]

Breaking Free

Breaking Free

Recently, God revealed a root lie I’ve unconsciously believed about Him. That He breaks me to make me more like Christ. And even in the “renewing of my mind” it’s a struggle, because reality screams at me– “See! Look at the pain He’s allowed for His glory!” The truth is, God creates! He does not break. […]

When it’s Time For Them to Fly

Me and my Jesse on his 21st birthday

The Last Supper is tonight. The littlest ones’ heart breaking. Birdie #2 prepares to fly and the ember burns hot in the back of my throat. My mama heart aches for more. More time, more snuggles, more laughter, more of everything good to crowd out anything not. Today, more than others, I understand Ann’s words. […]

Welcome to Fixing My Eyes


Just like you, I have a story.  Parts of it I like.  I mean, really like!  Other parts—not so much.  And for years, there were parts of my story I wish I could rewrite.  But again, like you, all those parts of our different stories are what makes us who we are.  Change one thing—and […]