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“Sacred Whispers” offer a quiet moment for inhaling truth, while exhaling faith.    

Humility is a Greater Grace


“But He gives a greater grace.  Therefore it says, ‘God is opposed to the proud but gives grace to the humble.’”  James 4:6 Most Christians could regularly quote the second half of that verse, but How many of us could say we are humble? Someone who is humble is modest—showing an awareness of one’s own shortcomings. […]

Desperate for Jesus!


Perhaps that sounds melodramatic or a bit “over the top”. But it is 100% absolute truth— no doubt, romanticism, or exaggeration implied or intended! I am desperate for Jesus! I know my story. I am who I am today because of certain people, influences, events, and responses. I am me because of grace and the merciful love […]

Note to Self . . .

Boardwalk & Sky

That perspective of yours, remember, is very small and not unbiased. Your enemy uses it against you. He twists the lens you see through to obscure—causing the doubt, the fear, the mistrust in God. Satan knows your weak places. He knows what hurts you and sends you spiraling the deepest and quickest. It seems others […]

God is Thoroughly Good

girl & sunset

We got some shocking news the other day.  The kind that changes your life big, in a split second, and in ways you cannot control. The knock-you-over and lay-you-flat kind! I am learning more and more, day by day, that my fulfillment does not [and cannot] come from things of this world—even relationships. Things change. […]

Hearts and Mouths


My words spill and as much as I would like to stop the harsh flow as it cascades and covers the heart, mind, and emotions of my child, there is no stopping up the ears ability to receive Mama’s tone of anger, frustration, disappointment, and weariness . . . “The heart of the righteous ponders […]

Jesus Loves Me! Yeah, but …

Measure of God's Love

Jesus loves me. You may tell yourself that. “Jesus loves me, this I know” But does your “know” press deep down? Does your soul believe the “know”? Perception of our story, choices, and current life situation skew the truth because we naturally see through eyes of flesh, which are tainted not only by experience but […]

Breaking Free

Breaking Free

Recently, God revealed a root lie I’ve unconsciously believed about Him. That He breaks me to make me more like Christ. And even in the “renewing of my mind” it’s a struggle, because reality screams at me– “See! Look at the pain He’s allowed for His glory!” The truth is, God creates! He does not break. […]

Fully Known; Fully Loved

Girl Running

I am fully known. I am fully loved! There is stuff about me I’d just as soon stay hidden from you!  In fact, for years I’ve worked quite diligently at keeping the uglies under wraps. So . . . to be fully known—and in that complete known-ness, to remain fully loved!?!! Seriously?! How can that […]