Just like you, I have a story.  Parts of it I like.  I mean, really like!  Other parts—not so much.  And for years, there were parts of my story I wish I could rewrite.  But again, like you, all those parts of our different stories are what makes us who we are.  Change one thing—and you change everything because the course is moved, ever-so-slightly, affecting the people, the places, and the influences that shape us.

While mine starts out quite beautiful, ugly intervened.  God created a beautiful world that was good.  But with the fall of man, came the not-so-good of brokenness.  And each one of us today are affected by that brokenness.

But equally true is a great, loving, and living God.  He is the King fixer-upper.  Everything is redeemable in His Son and our Savior, Jesus Christ.  And while we can’t control all the sin and sadness in our worlds, we have access to the One who does have control.  He desires to restore and make us whole—to make our stories whole—to live free and as He originally designed before brokenness had its way.

This is who I believe in.  This is who I live for.

The world is loud and opinionated.  A quick glance on your Facebook wall proves that point well enough!  So how do we crowd out the influences that threaten to crowd out peace and joy?  What I’ve found to be true, is I must consistently and diligently keep my heart and eyes on Christ.  Not ideologies.  Not people.  Not feelings.  Simply Jesus.  Throughout scripture, we are given the promise that He rewards those who seek Him with more of Himself.  More than anything, I want Him.  So more than anything else I allow in my day, I make room for Him.  I choose Him.  I commit to fixing my eyes on Jesus—the Author and Perfector of my faith.Me & B wedding

What I will be scribbling down here, in my little corner of cyberspace, are the walks and talks I have with Him along the way.  I’d love you to come alongside and share with us.  I’d love for you to join along in the conversations we have here in the comment area.  He’s a big God and there’s rarely any one right answer.  I’d like this to be the place where we feel comfortable sharing our doubts, insecurities, beliefs, and questions.  We are a Body, after all.  We should be working well together.  And how truly beautiful is the Body of Christ!

For those interested in the inside scoop on me . . .

I’ve been married for 26 years to the boy who made me weak in the knees at 14.  He was cute and taller than me.  Enough said!  Together we have 7 kids—the last one joining the party when our oldest daughter said “I do”.  God asked us to home educate, and even with 3 graduated, I still feel like a newbie.  I love teaching at our co-op, and especially enjoy the conversations I get to have with the teenagers there.  And I serve my church as a Prayer Counselor, where I learn a lot and sometimes teach.


Introvert by design.  Tea snob by choice.  Avid Jesus Chaser.  Like the woman at the well, I have been thirsting after Him most my life.  Life-altering incidents at 13 drove my desperation to discover the real, true God, and whether or not He truly loved the real me.  Tasting and seeing that He is, in fact, Good—drives me to seek Him all the more.

In a beautiful world filled with lots of sadness and hurt people hurting people, I simply hope to bring a taste of that rule breaking love of His to others.

Join me in this Jesus chase.

Join me in fixing your eyes on Him.